The First 7 Travel Blogging Months

Time flies. A little over seven months ago, after talking about it for quite some time, we finally started our travel blog DINKgo – Travel Stories Worth Sharing along with Instagram and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How to pack light for travel?

The name of our blog refers to us, a traveling adult couple with Double Income, No Kids. For us, the travel blog is a dear side project as we are full time night life entrepreneurs. But for a long time we’ve felt we want to document and share our travel moments, memories, dreams and tips.

You’ll likely see more about the moments of our trips on Instagram than on blog. Writing takes a loooot of time and for now, we don’t have the luxury of time to use. But anyways, here is a list of our travels within these 7+ months.

Spring Break: Some JR, some sea winds, some Voodoo

March was busy at work, but we found late night  moments to plan our April roadtrip. Our original plan had been taking a flight to Tampa, Florida and then after some days there, hit the road and explore the Gulf Coast, visit New Orleans and then drive all the way to Bossier City/Shreveport, Louisiana for some casino exitement. The final stop would’ve been Houston or Dallas.

But the Gods of Flight Prices and Schedules gave us new inspiration and finally, our winter vacation became a Dallas-Houston-Biloxi-New Orleans combo. We had flights to Dallas, drove to Houston, had a flight to NOLA, drove to Biloxi and then to New Orleans for some days.

Dallas, TX has two unsolved murder mysteries, one is real and one is fictional: Who shot JFK? And who shot JR? We tried to get some light on both mysteries.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza doesn’t allow photos, but we warmly suggest you visit and learn more about the JFK case. The museum is at the floor, in the building from which JFK was shot. The exhibits explain the world of that time, the political climate, the phenomena, the conspiracy theories. The self guided audio tour is super detailed and interesting.

The paper tells that JFK was shot
Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas tells the story of JFK

Dallas was a TV-series we grew up with in Finland. The Ewings came to our living rooms, or maybe we went to their home on the ranch. The Southfork. A lot of the Dallas images we got during childhood and youth came from this fictional soap that presented the city as a place where all buildings are sky high, suits wear cowboy boots and wide hats, all live on ranches and oil pumps are everywhere.

Southfork Ranch is located outside Dallas, in Parker and we drove there in about 30 minutes. That was a fun morning. We visited the different parts of the estate, learned a lot about the events from behind the scenes. Read about the visit here.

Southfork Ranch was the home of Dallas

We stayed at W Dallas Victory in downtown and suggest it warmly. Luxury and welcoming athmosphere are nicely combined. Stay here especially if you want to combine a sport event or a pop concert into your trip, as the hotel is located next to the American Airlines Center that hosts an array of spectacles year round.

W Hotel Victory Dallas

From Dallas we headed to Houston. We were lured by the Marriott Marquis Houston’s details and we just had to book our nights there. Our post on the Marriott Marquis Houston has been a popular one since we published it.
Other Houston highlights we wrote about here. It is a fascinating city, with a lot of museums and NASA Space Center near by.

We took a cheap domestic flight from Houston to New Orleans and headed to Biloxi. Our last visit was just after Hurricane Katrina, the coast had been through a lot. This year we saw an improved Biloxi. Stayed at the Harrah’s, had sundown dinners by the beach and used the free casino hopping shuttles to check out other casinos in the area.

New Orleans is like an old friend. Someone you haven’t seen in years, but catch up with straight away as you meet. Aah, NOLA. We love you dearly. Read about our visit and suggestions here.

Domestic Inspiration

After our trip Mikaela visited the awesome PING Helsinki Business Festival by PING Helsinki to learn more about influencer marketing and to meet some faces behind familiar travel blog accounts. That was an inspirational day, with Casey Neistat and other  personalities! Check out the athmosphere here

Eastern Delights for July

Who the hell goes to Hong Kong and Macau in July? Well, that just happened to be a good time in our calendar for us. We first went to Macau by ferry from the airport (super easy) and spent some days at this surreal combo of casino glizz and traditional Chinese lifestyle. After that we had a Kowloon experience, then days in Hong Kong Island. So far, we’ve been able to to write these posts:

Three Travel Hacks To Macau

Tapas In Hong Kong

Getting oriented in Tsim Sha Tsui

Mira Moon Hotel Hong Kong

August Dolce Vita with Rome

Trying to find easy, short getaways in Europe. We found the most awesome flights to several destinations, but the flights back were from hell. Then we found flights to Rome and well, the lovely mini vacay was booked! More about it here

Nina heading to Vatican
Piazza Di Navona

Oktoberfest and a covention in Berlin

We have not written about this yet, but it was a lot of fun. 2 days just hanging around in Berlin and one day at the Euro Attractions.

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