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As we were planning our days in Hong Kong we first felt it’s difficult to choose between so many exellent hotels the island has to offer. And to be honest, Hong Kong is not very affordable if you’re looking for a quality hotel.

But the moment we found Mira Moon Hong Kong among SPG’s Design Hotels and saw pictures of the detailed and unique Causeway Bay hotel, we decided this is it. This post is based on our personal experiences and all opinions are our own.

Ancient rabbits meet contemporary bunnies

Mira Moon is the most awarded boutique hotel in Hong Kong, steps away from the buzz of Wan Chai area’s shopping meccas, restaurants and public transportation. We first arrived by taxi from Kowloon.

The hotel’s main entry location at the Jaffe Road is as surprising as the hotel you’re about to enter. As the taxi stops at the corner of the street, you’re first like “Ok, where are we?”, before actually seeing the entrance. To access the Main Lobby, you’ll take an elevator to the 5th floor from the ground floor. There is a member of the hotel staff welcoming you and guiding to the elevators.

Instant good mood is offered at the lobby as you notice the first bunnies at the reception desk’s lamps. Mira Moon’s symbolic animal is the Moon Rabbit, the rabbit of the Chinese mythology that resides the Moon with the Moon goddess, pounding elixir of life for the immortals.

The rabbits along with peonies, the symbol of prosperity and love, have found their way to the interior details of Mira Moon in many ways.

Despite being a 5 Star boutique hotel with high standards, Mira Moon has a light hearted and fun side that makes a difference.

The combination of traditional Chinese elements and playful, contemporary eyecandy pieces works beautifully. The design wizards of Wanders & yoo are to thank for the unique touches.

How to make rabbits happy

First of all, the hotel staff was friendly and welcoming. Genuine, warm hospitality, non of the uncomfortable over politeness we sometimes come across.

There are 91 non-smoking rooms in this boutique hotel (Good rabbits don’t smoke, says a sign at the bedside table) and we’ve understood all rooms are spacious if you compare to many Hong Kong hotels. We were thrilled entering the airy room with views to the Causeway Bay.

The giant bed was both inviting and super comfy. There’s a minibar in the room with complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, an espresso machine and of course, you can brew tea.

You’ll find all kinds of more or less surprising complimentary items from shoe shine polish to the iPad and a mobile phone with a comp Wi-Fi to take along as you head for city excursions. The room itself comes with a Wi-Fi as well.

The huge, built-in, carved wooden cabinets are breathtakingly beautiful but we were hoping to find more closet space inside in the drawers and shelves sector for our stuff.

Lights are uniquely adjustable, choose from different celestial moods. The air-con is efficient and in the July heat and humidity we wouldn’t have had it any other way. But as a downside we have to mention that each day there were times when an unpleasant cat urine-likeish odor came through the air-con. 

The serene, beautiful and spotless bathroom (with quality his’n her’s cosmetics) has a separate walk-in shower cubicle and a free standing bathtub by the windows with a rest bringing the possibility of having iPad/book with you. And a place for your bubbly drinks. The huge peony mosaics covering the walls is just one of the lovely details.

The picky rabbit moments

You can opt for a room including breakfast at Mira Moon, but we chose not to – it’s fun eating at different places each day when possible. We visited the hotel’s restaurant, Supergiant Tapas & Cocktail bar once in the early evening time (the name obviously refers to the moon’s rare, supergiant phase).

It was pouring outside and that is why we went for some tapas that evening instead of going for a culinary adventure outside. There was a Happy Hour (for food & drinks) as we visited and it seemed that the staff didn’t quite keep up with the number of quests and orders. The restaurant also has a terrace, but because of the rain we unfortunately didn’t go to see it. The restaurant experience didn’t leave a lasting impression.

We like to have a lobby bar at the hotels we stay at. There’s a lobby bar, Crystal Lounge, by the reception of Mira Moon, but we never stopped there as unfortunately no staff was around as we came around a couple of times during it’s opening hours.

Personal touches make memories

We are easy guests. We don’t make a mess in our room and we keep stuff in closets/drawers. We don’t use room service (really, we don’t). We come and go, without making special number of that.

When Mikaela had her 40th birthday it was a fantastic surprise to find a bottle of champagne and a hand written (actually part of it burned on a piece of wood) greeting as we returned from our city adventures in the evening. A bubble bath was a must.

Would we recommed Mira Moon to other rabbits?

Definitely, especially good location if heading for a convention as the convention center is very near. But as the public transportation is within an easy reach, the location works for anyone visiting and looking for a boutique experience, though. Wan Chai is a lively area, do some home work upon arrival and you can find many gems within a walking distance. And check out the special offers Mira Moon hotel seems to have regulary!

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