We Don’t Stop Believing, Las Vegas

We sit by the kitchen table as often in Sunday evenings. We’ve got our iPads, iPhones, calendars, travel books, to do -lists, maps and music. Las Vegas theme music.

Arriving Las Vegas is always thrilling

Frank Sinatra. Ellie Goulding. Jimmy Buffet. Tom Petty. The Doors. Chicago. Sara Bareilles. Faith Hill. Billy Joel. The Rolling Stones. Tom Jones. Willie Nelson. Eagles. Lana Del Ray. AC/DC. Elvis. Toby Keith. The Who. Sheryl Crow. Journey. Muse. Jefferson Airplane. Garth Brooks. Queen. Barry Manilow. Van Morrison. Katy Perry. Shirley Bassey. The Killers. Neil Diamond. The Rat Pack. Johnny Cash. The Beach Boys. Calvin Harris. Bruce Springsteen. Dolly Parton. And many, many, many more. Our annual Las Vegas trip is not far away.

Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas

Music has such a huge importance in the memory registry we have, personally and as a couple. Las Vegas and music are inseparable, so many experiences have formed into unforgettable ones with music. Certain music brings you back to the carefree, sunny pool days at the resort day clubs. Tropical swimwear colors, coconut scented sun lotions and sweet, ice cold cocktails. Road tripping has own tunes, Mojave desert is such a beautiful place to explore. 

Caesar’s Palace pool
Early morning at the Flamingo Pool
Flamingo Pool fun
Enjoy Flamingo Pool in the sun

Las Vegas has been our holiday season destination for countless times, there are a lot of Christmas and holiday tunes that get you into the Vegas December  mood. Some songs make you want to return to certain bars and hangouts, you can feel the vibe and can’t wait to get back to meet staff and relax in the original athmosphere. 

There are dueling piano show classics. And there are songs that bring you back to the laid back early morning hours at the casinos, those hours when clubbers head back to their rooms (or someone else’s) with cocktails in hand, girls walking barefoot carrying the sky high heels, giggling. 

We don’t have tragedy songs for Las Vegas, but we know many do now. What happened October 1st during the Route 91 Harvest country music festival changed the Las Vegas Playlist for a lot of people. 
Is Las Vegas still a place to visit? Is Las Vegas safe? Did the playlist change forever?

We have visited Las Vegas for years, it has been an annual destination, sometimes 2-3 times a year. We have experiences of the boiling hot summer months, the milder and marvellous spring and autumn days. The crispy Decembers. 

We got engaged and married here. So many birthdays and anniversaries. We’ve got friends here. We follow Las Vegas news almost daily and have been lucky to participate in the various defining moments in the history of this city. Ends and beginnings. 

We got married in Las Vegas

And we’ve brought a lot a friends to this marvellous city to stay, play, experience the endless entertainment, learn about the history, see the natural wonders and historic landmarks. We’ve shown them the Strip, the Downtown and beyond, details and nooks that first timers would definitely not discover. And we keep on finding new things in this city and we will not stop believing in good the city has to offer.

Like  Journey sings “Don’t Stop Believing” and like Sara Bareilles puts it: “And next stop, Vegas please”. 

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    1. Sorry for a delayed answer. We talked to a lot of people about the October incident as we spent time there again in November. The community has been super supporting to each other there and have this fearless attitude. #VegasStrong is the slogan for not forgetting, yet remembering to take care of the people around you. Vegas will always have us!

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