DINKgo – Travel Stories Worth Sharing refers to travellers with double income, no kids. We are an adult couple enjoying and exploring the world together the adult way. We’ve done our fair share of backpacking, hostels and coach surfing. These days we’ll choose the sleek, 4-wheeled luggage and the comfort of a fine hotel room. Or a stateroom with a view – we do cruising, too! Laidback luxuries, that’s our thing.

At home in Finland we run night clubs and casinos (for over 25 years now), and as educated & seasoned hospitality industry professionals on a constant hunt for inspiration we absorb the world around us in a unique way even on our time off.

We like to think that our age difference of 14 years is a great advantage in life, also when travelling: Mikaela was born in the late 1970’s, Pekka in the early 1960’s. We’ve both been travelling since childhood, first with family and later alone and with friends. We see the world very much the same way, but still can bring our own generational experiences and skills to the table.

Every year we pack our bags for several times to take city escapes, enjoy road trips, go cruising. We love casinos & gaming, entertainment, nightlife, food & beverage, interior design, art and antiques. Often our trips are combinations of different elements. We update visited countries to the map below.

We are excellent planners, organizers and deal hunters. We do our homework well, our library of guide books is forever growing side by side with mobile apps and mags. Being able to read the good old paper map and using it together with map apps and a navigator is invaluable on the road. We know how to make most of the credit reward points, frequent flyer/cruise and valued guest programs, players club perks.

Now we want to share all this with you! Let’s Go!

All the stories and photos are ours unless otherwise mentioned. If you wish to copy/use them, please contact us first and add a link to our blog on your website.

All the opinions are our own. For questions, requests, collaboration ideas, use the contact form or send us an email: contact (at)dinkgo.com! 

Mikaela & Pekka