Crab cakes worth a visit

We love to travel and an essential part of adventure is always food. The experience of a place is often highlighted with the tastes and smells of the local fare. There are some dishes that we like to try whenever possible. And some we’d avoid in the future.

The bloggers of the Finnish travel blog Cocoa Etsimässä challenged other bloggers to tell about the tasty travels, best or the most memorable (good or bad) food experiences under the hashtag #maistuvamaailma (tastyworld) and for this Sunday, this was an exellent idea!

Crab cakes. In the US you can get them in various versions. Depending on the coast (Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf), the crab variety (king, Dugeness, Peeky Toe), the crumbs (bread, cracker, panko) and the cooking style (deep-fried, pan-fried..) the crab cakes come in different tastes and textures. (The crab in picture was not harmed).

You can eat them at all kinds of restaurants, but often the best ones we’ve found at food trucks, little cafes and food markets. The spices may do the trick and give personality, although the mild crab meat taste shouldn’t be buried. That’s what we think.

We’ve tasted a great variety on different coasts, but the best ever crab cakes can be found in Baltimore.

Our East coast road trip in 2015 included Philly, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Atlantic City. We had heard of these certain crab cakes, the ones you find at the legendary Lexington Market (est. 1782). The Faidley’s Crab Cakes. And boy, that was worth a visit! If you only have one day in Baltimore, make sure to visit Faidley’s.

The award winning Jumbo Lump Maryland crab cakes at Faidley’s are huge. They are pure crab meat, with only hint of spices. The deep fried delicacy is not over fried. Served with crackers, some greens on a paper plate.

We now perfectly understand why people order these to other side of the continent, too!

Our cook book collection at home actually includes this “I Love Crab Cakes” by Tom Douglas and even looking at it makes us want to travel to find new crab cake varieties!

We want to give this #maistuvamaailma challenge on to Otto Lilja of , the blogging expat from our hoods, now living in London. You sure have food stories, too? Go check the instructions for the challenge at

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