An Ode to Unexpected Travel Events 

A guy we know told us he doesn’t want to travel abroad as it causes him too much stress. He hates the idea of looking for optimal flights and booking hotels. Even package holidays sound too much of planning to him. And something will not go as planned, for sure. Well, that is how he feels and he has the right to feel like that. DINKgo let’s everyone feel the way they want to feel about travel.

And let’s face it: if you are willing to travel, you’ll soon realize you’ll have to come in terms with not only the planning, but the possibility of things not going as planned. Despite of your perfect planning skills and the ability to prepare for unexpected situations, the Universe sometimes plays games that surprise even the most marinated road warriors. BTW: The pics here have no direct link to any unpleasant experiences of DINKgo Travel.

The unexpected doesn’t have to be a huge issue to become an issue. Not a natural disaster, accident or anything near those. But as a traveler, you are in a floating, liminal space. Mostly outside your everyday surroundings, routines and famililiar ways of approaching events in life. That changes the way we feel about even the smaller unexpected situations. 

Flights get delayed and cancelled for an endless number of reasons. You can get re-routed before even going places, at the first place, at your home airport. If you travel a lot, you’ll run through airports times and times again like a wind (or try to) and still miss flights. You’ll get re-booked, guided to the stand-by lines and to airport hotels to catch flights the next day. You’ll also arrive to places without luggage at times. 

You booked your stay and it’s totally not what you were promised it should be. The beach and the pool are in no condition to dive into. You visit hyped sights that leave you cold. The weather can surprise you in aah, so many ways. And you can’t enjoy sights at all. And you can get lost. Oh yeah, you can.

Sometimes you’ll catch a flu. Eat or drink things that upset your belly. That harmless scratch gets a nasty infection. You’ll be surprised by the lack of basic hygiene (to you) at the most unexpected places, the weird (to you) manners and the fact that you are easily fooled. And your travel companions can also become strangers (we are not talking about each other).

We can promise that almost every trip abroad includes experiences from unbelievably superb to those less lovely moments. And actually, that is the great unexpected that adventures are all about. 

The question is: would you like to hear about our unexpected events on the road? Regulary or unexpectly? And please, share your memorable mishapps. 

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