Don’t Go back to Big Sur

Just don’t go back to Big Sur

Hangin’ around

Lettin’ your old man down

Just don’t go back to Big Sur

Baby, baby, please don’t go

Aw, baby, baby, please don’t go

That’s from the catchy The Thrills song “Big Sur”. 

Unless you have endless hiking time in your hands, roadtrips are a great way to experience different areas in the US. Scenic roads are a must if you have time to do detours. 

You may have read about the massive landslide that buried parts of Stateroad 1 in California just a couple of days ago, closing it from traffic to Big Sur indefinitely. Read about it on CNN here

Bad news for local businesses as summer season approaches. And bad news for vacationers who’ve made plans to stay in that area. California was one of our alternatives for the summer, the Pacific coastal roads take your breath away. Fortunately, we made other plans (Hongkong, here we come), but will return to these views of Big Sur for sure if the road can be fixed. 

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