4 Must Things to do in New Orleans

Our April roadtrip took us to New Orleans, we had been waiting this rendezvous for quite some time. Nine years, to be exact. Our previous visit just two years after hurricane Katrina showed us a city that was still in the painfull recovery stage after the catastrophe.

Everyone had lost someone and many had lost their eathly belongings and homes for good. Many residents had moved out. But the unique way the city sparkled from inside out, even after all the nightmarish experiences, got us fall in love with the city and it’s people. The sparkle, that never left us and finally we returned.

1. Enjoy Mardi Gras around the year. Mardi Gras, the magnificent carnivale, happens once a year, but the festive athmosphere stays. Shops are filled with beads, masks, memorabilia, souvenirs and themed clothing. A good place to visit to understand just how huge event Mardi Gras is, is Mardi Gras World. Inside this living, working  facility you can actually see artist preparing floats and props. You get to wander around self guided or take a tour.

2. Enjoy the NOLA food! It’s Louisiana, creole, cajun and international. But we did classics and you should try it too. Etouffee, crawfish, frog legs, beignets.. Aah, the food scene is crazy good.

3. Hang out on the streets and take some St. Louis Cathedral photos. Daytime you can buy funky art, get a hand reading, appreciate circus arts, street musicians and everything in between outside this landmark. The park outside is cool and nice to chill out.

4. Enjoy the music. There’s music everywhere. Walk the streets of the French Quarter (&beyond) and you’ll end up getting exited time and time again! One classic is the piano/dueling pianos bar Pat O’Brien’s – no boring moments!

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