Tapas in Hong Kong?

When thinking of food, Hong Kong is one tasty, interesting, fun and many ways surprising city. There are the ancient Chinese dishes of the many regional cuisines. And all sorts of Asian delicacies you can think of. Breakfast in Japan, lunch in India, dinnertime in Thailand – treat your tastebuds every day with a new experience if you like. Hong Kong has been an international port for such a long time that you’ll find a great selection of Western flair, too. Food is everywhere!

Our last night in Kowloon we had an evening walk and popped in the One Minden Tapas Kitchen just a couple of blocks from our hotel.
The little, cozy restaurant on 1 Minden Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui has tables and a bar. We often prefer to sit at the bar – it offers a lot of fun conversation options and at this particular place you’ll be able to watch the food being prepared. Executive Chef Antonio Moran leads his team as they prepare the Andalusian inspired menu items dish after dish within a very small, yet efficient space.

We had Flaming Chorizo, Fried Manchengo and Garlic Prawns. The cheese was crispy outside, deliciously melty inside and served with rasberry jam. The whole, plump prawns were just prepared on the hot stove with garlic. And then the chorizo, that was flamed before our eyes by Chef Moran. 

After this memorable tapas moment we had a warm hearted conversation with Moran, talked about his Spanish roots, our backgrounds, food inspiration, his chef route that has led him to Asia and Hong Kong years ago & the life in HK in general. We undersood this is very much a locals place to visit, patrons & staff know each other.

We felt very happy we visited, enjoyed the exellent food and met this awesome crew who, along with Moran, make One Minden Tapas Kitchen a very recommended place to visit when you feel like tapas in Hong Kong!

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