Dirty Laundry

They have created self-cleaning windows, but so far we haven’t heard of regular clothing that could do the same. Doing laundry is something people everywhere in the world face both at home and on the road. 

You’ll receive neatly folded clothes in a bag.
We, the couple behind DINKgo, have done a lot to simplify our laundry routines at home and especially while traveling by thinking about the materials, durability, colours & the need of maintainance of the clothes we buy. Often dark colors, easy-care cotton materials, items that can be washed together. These are a key to the no-fuss clothes maintainance at home and on the road. 

Dark colors and easy materials can be washed together

Using laundry services in Finland is expensive and we do our own laundry at home – only items like blazers, winter coats and special gowns will get the dry cleaning treatment.

 In the blog Apartment Therapy Brittney Morgan writes about a recent global study on peoples attitudes to laundry, read more about it here But how about the time spent away from home?

You don’t have to love the laundry, you have options
  • Take exactly the amount of clothes you’ll need with you and do the laundry at home when you return. This only works for shortish trips.
  • Plan to wash your clothes yourself in your hotel room. Consider packing quick drying, light weight items. Don’t forget to take a universal plug, some laundry detergent and a washing line & pegs along and remember that you may need to learn some extra tricks to get clothes dry. Like rolling your wet clothes tightly inside a towel before hanging them to dry or using the iron to dry the last moisture. And sometimes, you’ll never get dry clothes this way. Even the smallest undies remain more or less moist.
    Even the best hotel rooms can leave your clothes damp
  • Find a coin laundry/laundromat. Sometimes hotels offer self-laundry for guests, a good thing to check in advance when booking. We often check for laundromats near the accomodation before leaving home (even if the hotel does offer this possibility). Make sure you have coins/small change for laundry detergent and other stuff like the fabric softener. Often you’ll have old arcade games, a tv or even a free Wi-Fi to keep you out of boredom as your clothes spin and spin. Sometimes you’ll meet fun people, too. Like old gold miners, dog shelter keepers, bartenders, stock brokers, nomads, models and students from all fields. 
    Find the nearest laundromat to get gear clean
  • Find a place to get a wash, dry’n fold for your clothes. Here you’ll pay by the weight, but can usually leave more delicate items to be washed separately. Some places even offer the dry cleaning services. Often you can get a same day delivery if you leave your items early. Or pick up next day. And on the cruises they often have a super cheap laundry day during one of the longer port days, worth a try – make sure you’ll study well all those informative papers you’ll receive during the cruise to learn about laundry specials.
    Choosing easy-care clothes saves you from headache
  • Use the hotel laundry service. That is – with no exeptions as far as we know -the most expensive alternative. With the price of one washed shirt you’ll get all clothes washed, dried & folded at an outside service provider. Sorry hotels, this is an over priced service even that we could afford it.

How do you take care of laundry on the road?

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