Sanibel, The Shell Capital of the World

Sanibel Island in Florida is like a childhood memory you have partly stolen from someone else. It is one of those places, where families would move to for the summer vacay or kids with their grandparents would spend dreamy, salt tasting, hot days on the beaches collecting magical shells, diving into the warm Gulf of … More Sanibel, The Shell Capital of the World

10+1 Reasons We Love Singapore For

Our first visit to Singapore a couple of years ago was a fun one. Each day was different, none of them boring. We would suggest Singapore to anyone and even to the less experienced travelers as the first Far East destination. 1. The Compact Size Everything is easily accessed in Singapore, the distances are not … More 10+1 Reasons We Love Singapore For

Catalina Island Quiz

Catalina island soaks in the sun in the Pacific Ocean, just outside Los Angeles. Just like us, many visitors come on a cruise. Catalina’s township of Avalon is a pittoresque, relaxing seaside gem, no wonder the mainlanders enjoy taking a fast ferry here for a weekend getaway. Our day consisted of a guided Segway tour … More Catalina Island Quiz