Catalina Island Quiz

Catalina island soaks in the sun in the Pacific Ocean, just outside Los Angeles. Just like us, many visitors come on a cruise. Catalina’s township of Avalon is a pittoresque, relaxing seaside gem, no wonder the mainlanders enjoy taking a fast ferry here for a weekend getaway.

Our day consisted of a guided Segway tour and after that, wandering around the town making fun finds and enjoying bars & restaurants. The island has been inhabited for over 8000 years and there surely is a lot to be explored. We might come here on a ferry from L.A. to find out more next time we spend time in California.

Catalina is the December 4th island in our #24IslandsOfChristmas Instagram Challenge.

Under the next photos there’s is a little Catalina Island quiz -find the answers at the end of the post!

The Native Americans who lived on the island before Europeans arrived called Catalina island




Which famous tycoon did a lot to develop Catalina?




The most famous landmark of Avalon is the round building by the harbor. What’s it called?




Catalina has been a filming location for over 500 motion pictures, documentaries, commercials and TV-programmes over the past 90 years. For one of the productions in 1924 a herd of large animals was brought here and these animals can be still seen here. Are they




Which of these motion pictures was not filmed on Catalina Island?

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Apollo 13 (1995)

Araknofobia (1990)

The oldest fishing club (est. 1898) in America can be found on this island. Is it called

The Marlin Club

The Swordfish Club

The Tuna Club

Right answers: Pimu, Wrigley, Casino, Bisons, Araknofobia, The Tuna Club

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