Grand Cayman Below Surface

Not scared of closed, moving, under water spaces? One educative way to learn about the Grand Cayman coral reefs and the under water life of the Grand Cayman’s Under Water Marine Park is taking a tour in a submarine. Atlantis XI is especially designed for a visual experience.

The group is taken to and from the submarine by boat. In the submarine you’re likely sharing one round window with another person.

The pilot dives the submarine smoothly, while the co-pilot explains what can be seen at different dephts, how light affects what we see. He also guided us to look at the right directions to spot turtles, for example.

There’s a handy guide card, as well and you can check names if you see fish swimming by.

This is day 12 of our #24IslandsOfChristmas

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    1. Moikka, oli näköjään joulukuinen vastauksemme jäänyt johonkin limbona kellumaan – ei ollut koskaan teille asti lähtenyt. Sukellusvenefirman nimi Crand Caymanilla oli Atlantis submarines. Päiväsukellus on joku 80 dollarin pintaan muistaakseni aikuisilta. Niillä on myös yöaikaan sukellusveneilyä. Ja hyvää retken jatkoa – teidän kuvia ja juttuja on muikeeta seurata.

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