Instagram Travel Thursday: Moments in Sin City

There are many cities, countries and areas that we love more than average. And then there are places that we could return to time and time again. And have done that, too. This is our first IGTT post and the May theme encourages bloggers to share their fave places. We’ll head to Las Vegas and share three tips inspired by the photos we’ve shared earlier on our accounts @dinkgotravel and/or @mikaelasavolainen

The establishments are huge, but don’t let that stop you: go wander inside the hotels & casinos and find awesomeness even if you are not interested in gaming! The Strip is full of ย fun, odd, beautiful, rare, tasty, artsy, historic, classic and unbelievable stuff – a lot of it can only be experienced by diving into the mega resorts! And don’t worry if you feel lost at times – it happens to all of us! Pictured above is NYNY, below you’ll see Caesars Palace, a movie classic and the hotel we got married in. The second below is Bellagio, another movie classic.

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People often ask about our favourite cities, sights, insider tips, locations, places we keep on returning to. Ok, one of them is and will be Caesars Palace Las Vegas. We have many, many fun, odd, interesting, crazy, romantic memories from this legendary hotel and casino. Through the years we've stayed, played, spent time at the venues, shops, restaurants, bars… Got married there, too. This year marks the 50th Anniversary for Caesars and that is quite an achievement! Congrats! #lasvegas #caesarspalace #anniversary #wanderlust #explore #visitlasvegas #lvnv #thisislasvegas

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Oceans Eleven, anyone? Early this Saturday morning burglars wearing pig masks ๐Ÿทrobbed the Rolex store inside the Bellagio casino hotel in Las Vegas. According to the news, nobody was hurt and the pig mask guy/guys were arrested. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘ฎโ€โ™€๏ธBellagio is one of the most iconic landmarks on the Strip, we never get bored with the fountains, the Conservatory, the visually pleasing and luxurious environment. But pig masks๐Ÿท?

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There’s history to explore, do some reading upon arrival to make your stay more interesting. Check out some old maps of the Strip and the Downtown online and compare them to the LV of today. Read about the famous names that ย have played their roles and made Las Vegas ย what it’s today. This helps you to understand a lot of things. And you’ll even understand better the exhibits at the Mob Museum in the Downtown. This fantastic neon shoe used to stand outside a casino. Now you can see it on Fremont street.

There’s art! Yes, a lot of it. Scattered around the casinos (especially the newer ones), on the streets and the walls, but you’ll find museums and galleries as well. And odd stuff out there in the Mojave Desert. Seven Magic Mountains by Ugo Rondinone and some cool Downtown wall art pictured.

This post is part of the Instagram Travel Thursday, organized by Muru Mou,ย Travellover andย Skimbaco.ย Read more about the fun atย Skimbaco Lifestyleย and join the fun!

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    1. Lovely to see there are soulmates – some think we are nuts returning to Las Vegas again and again. But there’s always something new to see and experience. We always rent a car and do day trips outside the city. Those murals keep coming, all sorts of street art is a big thing in the Downtown area. Have you been to the Container Park? It’s a fun shopping/dining district made of shipping containers.

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