Exploring Hong Kong Streets

The #24IslandsOfChristmas challenge on our Instagram world continues today with Hong Kong. As a visitor, you don’t necessarily need set programme and a bucket list of stuff to do as just wandering around brings such joy and amazement. We’ve visited many bustling cities in our lives and HK got high points. The modern and ancient blend here beautifully, the cultural mosaic is colourful and enchanting.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the handover from Britain to China, but there is the unseparable touch of the colonial past woven into the dynamic Hong Kong culture and daily life. Here is a photo diary of the moments wandering around the city.


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December 2: Hong Kong. There are surprises behind every corner. The sensory fireworks keep you aware and curious. Sights, sounds, smells. Between the sky scrapers are rows of small shops and stalls selling everything imaginable. Everyday items, souvenirs, religious figures, collectibles. Things you don’t even recognise. You hear people speaking in a number of different languages, there are the sounds of the traffic and music coming through the open store windows. Spicy and strange smells from the endless restaurants, earthy odours of Chinese medicine plants, sweet fruit smells and the scent of the fragrant incense. Hong Kong is hectic, but it’s not chaotic in the sense some metropols are. It’s not beautiful in a conventional way, but it’s beautiful with all it’s oddness. Easily one of the most interesting and memorable places we’ve been to. And an island, as this is the #24IslandsOfChristmas challenge. #exploretheworld #hongkonglife #discoverhongkong #hongkongstreetlife #urbanexploring #islandsoftheworld #islandlife #travelblog #travelphoto #photoftheday #dinkgotravel #telegraphtravel

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