Travel hacks: The napping pillow

We are natural born testers of things weird and fantastic. Like what you see here.

Sleeping on planes without a proper travel pillow means two things: you are likely get your neck stiff for days and the quality of your sleep is low. When your head tilts, you wake up. Just as you fall asleep, wake up again. Annoying. It is also a little embarassing to wake up with your head on a straingers shoulder.

What is the best travel pillow available?

DINKgo did some shopping online and found this oddish napping pillow.

This pillow is designed for napping anywhere -even on a plane. Have you ever seen someone wear one? Could this actually work on a long-haul?  Should DINKgo test it over the Atlantic? 

(Sorry about the language, Finnish, on the film; we originally made this film to our personal Facebook pages.)

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