Tortola’s Spicy Memories

It is so delicious, West Indian roti with spicy, yet sweet chicken (or goat) curry. Roti is the originally Indian flatbread that at the British Virgin Islands is filled with curry and wrapped like a burrito. The warm curry smell is something you just can’t resist and both the smell and the taste are something that are hard to forget. But so is Pusser’s Painkiller, the famous island cocktail that combines fresh fruit juices with coconut, rum and ground nutmeg. Both these we got to try in Roadtown, Tortola.

Tortola is the biggest of the British Virgin islands and our cruise stopped at Roadtown for some hours. It would be easy to arrive here from many other islands, as well – regular ferry schedules at the harbor got us make wild plans for possible future island hopping adventures.

This place is a dream come true for fishing, sailing and other watersport enthousiasts. There are many beaches, historic sights and shopping possibilities, as well. Mains street is the main shopping street here and you can spend half a day sitting at cafes and restaurants, admiring art galleries and making finds at the various little boutiques and shops of the street lined with candy colored houses. That is exactly what we did.

There are two addresses that especially have stayed in our minds. The first is Pusser’s Pub where we stopped for some Carib pints and fun discussion with the staff. Did you know that beer came to the Caribbean in 1880? We didn’t. Next to the pub, Pusser’s also has a brand store, Pusser’s Company Store selling maritime stuff, clothing and such.

The second is the Sunny Caribbee Herb & Spice where we bought fantastic, sweet curry powder that is like nothing we’ve had before. Sadly, hurricane Irma and tropical storm Maria bombarded Tortola badly (fall 2017) and Sunny Carribbee has stayed closed since until further notice. As we’re writing this, it seems that Pusser’s is back in business again.

Anyways. It is possible to get into the island mode at home, try the original Pusser’s Painkiller drink recipe and cook some curry – here is one Caribbean chicken curry recipe.

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