St.Patrick’s Fun

We know. We are not Irish. And don’t have roots there. And have only experienced this festival behind the Atlantic (and at home). But we love being in places that are getting ready for St. Patrick’s festivities and of course, enjoying the days of celebration.

 The actual day is 17.3., but many places & cities see green festivities form up days before. This year St. Patrick’s Day is Friday. Will you celebrate? This year we will celebrate at work in Turku, Finland. Tue-Sat will be fun at our clubs with staff & customers. But if you happen to be out there exploring, check out the photos (From Las Vegas St. Patrick’s festivities) and these facts: 

  1. The St.Patricks celebration in Dublin will gather 600 000 people to the city.
  2. Chicago has a tradition of dyeing the river green. Around 100 000 people will be observing the fun happen (non-toxic colour, veggie based).
  3. St. Patrick is the patron saint of engineers. 
  4. Depending on statistics (found different versions), 33,3-34,7 million Americans have Irish roots. 
  5. If you don’t wear green, others have the permission to pinch you.
  6. Depending on the year, the NY parade will have 150 000-250 000 marchers. 150 march bands. Over a million spectators. 
  7. Lephrechauns make shoes and hide gold coins at the end of the rainbow.
  8. Dispite all the carnivale like partying, St. Patrick’s Day still remains a day with a religious importance, too. Visit a place of worship to experience it the original way.
  9. Cabbage deliveries in the US get up 70% during this festive week. 

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