Hello World – Welcome to DINKgo – Travel Stories Worth Sharing!

Today we are at our hometown, the city of Turku in the Southern part of Finland. It is snowing outside. Like really snowing. We thought today is a perfect day (or evening) to share the first lines with the world. So, Hello World – we are the DINKgo – Travel Stories Worth Sharing!

In the days, months and years to come we will be posting Travel Stories Worth Sharing from the past, present and also, the future. Some will be longer features, some short tips’n tricks, travel hacks and ideas. Sometimes we will tell about our travel dreams and plans. The actual process of planning, we think would also be interesting to share with you. Always having a future trip booked, that is one of our goals. DINKgo – Travel Stories Worth Sharing represents a travel lifestyle of us, two adults who want to share the road together and the experiences with you.

arizona_kaktus and DINKgo - Travel Stories Worth Sharing

You will notice that we like to travel in the US a lot, we have visited most states and some of them several times by now. Some states we know better than many of the the residents – applies to cities like Las Vegas, too. Since 2005 we’ve visited Sin City together for almost 30 times (Pekka visited first time in the early 1990’s and has been back each year since 2-3 times). We like to dig deep into different areas & the cities and go beyond the regular sights. In addition, we do Europe, Asia and the Caribbean regulary, too. More continents and parts of the world will definitely follow!

We travel by rental cars, plane, in cities on foot, taxi, subway, bus. And we do cruising, too. We stay in hotels and while deciding where to stay, we tend to check out, if there is a casino or at least some form of entertainment close by. (We’ve stayed’n played at tens and tens of casino hotels all around the US). We are interested in food and beverage, interior design, entertainment. Finding art and antiques is always on our list.

So, we always want to have a trip booked. Where do we head next? Come April and DINKgo flies over the Atlantic and dives into Dallas (TX), Houston (TX), Biloxi (MS) & New Orleans (LA). What a fun road trip it will be!

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