East Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Lobby bars are often the most fun places to begin your trip. At JW Marriott Tomorrow Square’s Lobby Lounge, Shanghai, we sat next to a retired, American businessman who still does consulting in China for American companies. We didn’t ask too detailed questions of his field, but he had been returning to China, especially to Shanghai for over 15 years. ”Everyone will tell you Shanghai is not China” he told us.
View to East Nanjing Road & People's Park from JW Marriot Tomorrow Square's Lobby Bar
View to East Nanjing Road & People’s Park from JW Marriot Tomorrow Square’s Lobby Bar


True. Almost everyone we talked about the city with before and during our visit said that. But if already the 1930’s guidebooks to the city mentioned, or actually warned about this, obviously Shanghai must already be one of the various incarnations of China these days, right? Shanghainese sure think Shanghai is China, just not the China one might expect to find.

Wontons at JW Marriott Tomorrow Square Shanghai
Lobby Lounge at JW Marriott Tomorrow Square, Shanghai has a delicious menu, here enjoying some juicy beef wontons

Shanghai has been a busy city for centuries, absorbing winds from every direction and luring people with good and less sweet intentions. The architecture here can be approached like the annual rings of the trees, you’ll see how different influences, trends, decades, cultures and government projects have left their mark. Many who come for a couple of days may only have time to see the Nanjing Road, the Bund and some Pudong skyscrapers. And yes, they are definitely an important part of the history and actually Nanjing Road is quite an excellent way to start exploring the city.

East Nanjing Road is filled with interesting buildings from different decades of Shanghai
East Nanjing Road is filled with interesting buildings from different decades of Shanghai

In her article Nanjing Road: A walk down memory lane Michelle Qiao (Shanghai Daily, May 27, 2017) provides interesting quotes by Shanghai historian Xiong Yuezhi, editor-in-chief of the book General History of Shanghai:

“Few roads can rival Nanjing Road in terms of colorfulness and richness it embodied”//“Many of China’s modern facilities made its debut on this road, such as the gas and electric lamps, trolley cars, elevators and skyscrapers, as well as neon lights and large amusement parks”//“I can find no words to describe its former prosperity. It was a place to show off political power where big celebrations were often held. A galaxy of celebrities left their traces, too. It’s where Dr Sun Yat-sen concocted spectacles, Albert Einstein lectured on theory of relativity, Bertrand Russell gave a speech on cross-cultural comparison and Charlie Chaplin had his silk shirts tailor-made.”

Shanghai Raceclub Building by People’s Park
Shanghai Raceclub Building by People’s Park

As our first hotel JW Marriott Tomorrow Square was located on the East Nanjing Road, next to People’s Square & Park, we started our first afternoon by just walking out of our hotel and following the shopping strip that takes you all the way to the Bund. This is a combo of old and new buildings, an interesting walk for architecture puffs we believe. And if you pay attention, you can find some really historical things.

Nanjing Road is one of the busiest, maybe even the busiest, shopping streets in the world and obviously it’s name is a famous one too. For a lot of people it is one thing they can name of the city.

Originally the 1851 constructed East Nanjing Road was called Park Lane, then Nanking Road and then, after World War 2 it again got a new name, East Nanjing Road. The same time former Bubbling Well Road became West Nanjing Road. The general name of the two roads is Nanjing Road, with the People’s Park in the middle.

Actually, the futuristic hotel next to the People’s Park we stayed at is quite an impressive architectural masterpiece itself and you can enjoy it even if you don’t stay there. There’s a nice selection of bars and restaurants to try here. Even an afternoon drink at the lobby bar gives you awesome views.

JW Marriott Tomorrow Square, Shanghai
JW Marriott Tomorrow Square, Shanghai
Shanghai Raceclub Building seen from above
Shanghai Raceclub Building seen from above, it was opened in 1934 and the People’s Park used to be the racecourse.

Just across the street  is the former Shanghai Raceclub Building from 1934. The vast People’s Park used to be a horse-racing track where notable race horses with names like Silky Light, Hero and Picadilly raced and where famous personalities gathered to socialize and gamble. At this point you could go and take a nice walk around the People’s Park and then return to East Nanjing Road.

The first department stores in China opened here, at East Nanjing Road in the 1920’s and The Shanghai No 1 Department Store, that opened in 1936 (last major renovation 2017), still averages 150,000 shoppers a day.

After this department store you’ll have a nice pedestrian shopping area, one of the urban regeneration projects that started in the 1990’s and aimed at mixed use of land, revitalising urban areas and introducing a new lifestyle in Shanghai.

East Nanjing Road's Pedestrian Mall is a combo of shops and restaurants
East Nanjing Road’s Pedestrian Mall is a combo of shops and restaurants


The promenade is complete with trees, sitting areas, street lamps and even a trolley that drives back and forth the pedestrian area. The high-end shops and designer boutiques can now found on West Nanjing Road and some other upscale shopping streets, but don’t skip East Nanjing Road because of that.

Street food can be found even at the East Nanjing Road
Street food can be found even at the East Nanjing Road, Shanghai


Shops & restaurants are on both sides (we even found an alley for street food) and as the sun starts setting the neons start glowing one by one. Just mere looking at the crowds is fun, this is a feel good area for walking.

East Nanjing Road in Shanghai lights up after dark
As the sun sets, East Nanjing Road of Shanghai lights up and the different architectural styles are highlighted in a new way


East Nanjing Road, Shanghai by night
East Nanjing Road, Shanghai by night

To explore Chinese grocery ingredients, there is the No 1 Food Store (720 East Nanjing Road) that has several themed floors. The first floor is mostly for gifts like moon cakes, sweets, nuts and tea. Go to floors above to find with fresh produce of land & sea, chicken feet, the most exotic dried sea creatures, fungue and items you just can’t name in any way.

No 1 Food Store East Nanjing Road, Shanghai is a wonderland
Chinese grocery items can be explored at the No 1 Food Store at East Nanjing Road, Shanghai. Here you’ll see the most fascinating things here
No 1 Food Store at East Nanjing Road, Shanghai
Mushrooms at the No 1 Food Store at East Nanjing Road, Shanghai.


Pork face in vacuum, Shanghai
Explore No 1 Food Store at East Nanjing Road, Shanghai 

Interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM? Want to get your yin and yang back in balance? One of the oldest traditional pharmacies in Shanghai is Cai Tong De (450 East Nanjing Road) that opened in 1882. There’s also a TCM clinic above the store. The store sells herbal remedies for all imaginable conditions and items like ginseng, dried seahorse, lotus seeds and bird nests in the most beautiful gift boxes.

Cai Tong De is one of the oldest stores for traditional Chinese Medicine in Shanghai
For Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM head to Cai Tong De on East Nanjing Road, it’s history dates back to 1882
Cai Tong De at East Nanjing Road is Traditional Chinese Medicine Store
Cai Tong De at East Nanjing Road, Shanghai is Traditional Chinese Medicine store selling ailments for all imaginable conditions
Ginseng roots in gift boxes
Traditional Chinese Medicine, like ginseng roots, can be purchased in beautiful gift boxes in Shanghai

Suddenly, as the pedestrian area ends, you’ll likely be guided to walk on just one side of the street. As the crowd gets heavy, the police starts guiding pedestrians like herds and you can only walk East bound the right side and West bound the left side.

After all the walking it was nice to escape the crowds and find the alfresco rooftop terrace of The Swatch Art Peace Hotel (you could alternatively go across the street to hang out at the Fairmont Peace Hotel’s legendary Jazz Bar, no views, though), a hotel and an artist residency at the corner of East Nanjing Road and The Bund. The building has an interesting history, enjoys protected status and is one of the most significant and well-known landmarks in Shanghai. As we walked to the terrace the sun had set and the views to Huangpu River and Pudong were spectacular.

Shanghai's Swatch Art Peace Hotel welcomes visitors with luxury
The Swatch Art Peace Hotel’s lobby oozes luxury, oldd Shanghai and modern touches blend in
Night views in Shanghai can be admired on rooftops
Night views in Shanghai can be admired on rooftops


Pearl Tower in Pudong, Shanghai
Pudong just suddenly appeared, like many things in Shanghai. It used to be swamp not that long ago.

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