Camden, we miss you

We’ve talked about Camden, London a lot. Today was a sad day for London, but that doesn’t stop us from wanting to return.

We’ve loved London since.. can’t remember. Mikaela has her earliest Tower of London memories from a summer when little sis’ was still in mom’s tummy and that means she was 6.

We’ve visited London as a couple or with a group of friends every year for 12 years. For years we visited Camden for a couple of hours during the day time or late afternoon and felt super sad leaving back to where ever our hotel was. One year we sat at one of the pubs and decided: “Next year, we will book a hotel here.”

We both have a deep connection with music of different decades, the subcultures, theatre, stories, legends and the real deal. We’ve both lived through our own years of bit of a rebellion, experiencing popular culture deeply. And dispite  becoming somewhat more “adults”, we still are and get to be more rock’n roll than many of the people we know. Running night clubs is basically business like any other business, but our life still is a universe away from a lot of the people we know. We get to have fun!

And then, one fine day we found ourselves at the Holiday Inn of Camden. The location. The staff. The room. The lobby. We got super happy!

You walk out of the hotel and within 2 minutes you have the world of tastes, sounds, smells. All those street food options, fun little shops, river cruises and the life around you to make you happy. Camden stays alive in the evenings and ’till late night, too.

We miss Camden. And yes, we recommend a stay in Camden to everyone!

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