Announcement: DINKgo 2 Years Today

Two years ago today DINKgo – Travel Stories Worth Sharing was launched. We had talked about creating a media for sharing our love for travel for a long time and finally in February 2017 it became a reality.

So what does DINKgo stand for? Well, we are a dual/double income couple with no kids and we like to go places.

We have decided not to buy a summer cottage, a sailing boat or anything like that. When at home we rarely go shopping for clothes, cosmetics or accessories. We save our money for travel.

We call our preferred travel style laid back luxury as we have never been those who are after the white glove service or the pompous and/or pretendous travel experiences.

However, we appreciate a little pampering, soft hotel sheets, someone cleaning your room and being able to find experiences you would not find at home. And especially, we love to travel together.

Highlights from 2017-2019

We are full time hospitality entrepreneurs, which means blog post frequency comes second even that we do spend all available summer and winter vacation days to travel abroad and also travel for work.

When we really try to absorb what’s around us we rarely have those extra hours to open the laptop and start blogging quality text. However, Instagram has gotten more attention from us and Facebook as well. And we are thankful for all of you who have followed our posts there as well.

So, what have been the highlight during these two years? We have so many, but here is a list of some the most memorable trips/days. Southfork Ranch in Dallas April 2017

Houston April 2017

New Orleans April 2017

Macau July 2017

Hong Kong July 2017

Rome August 2017

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico November 2017

Las Vegas Museums November 2017

Panama Canal February 2018

Visit to Embera Indians February 2018

Costa Rican Rainforest cruise 2018

Shanghai May 2018

Sicily, Italy July 2018

New Orleans October 2018

Tangier, Morocco December 2018

Time is a funny thing. It goes slow and fast at the same time. Two years sounds like a short time. But still, we’ve seen a lot. Cheers for the years ahead!

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