5 Sources we use when planning trips

1. Our previous trips. 

Do we want to return to a place we’ve been before for a reason? What did we write down, how did we write our travel stories, what do the photos tell us? Is a certain season something that lures us back? Do we want to see same cruise companies and/or ports on a cruise again? DINKgo likes to return to fave sites, but is keen to see new places and  also ports with adults only excursions, for example.

2. Travel Channel, Mags, Guide Books
We watch and read a lot about travel. As hospitality industry professionals we, DINKgo, may be looking with a magnifying glass, but also get interested in some odd little things that make us choose a destination. (Brand managers: even the little things matter – find a way to communicate them with the customers). Inspiration drives us to find out more about new destinations, cruise possibilities, road trip options…

3. Where is HRC?

Pekka has been collecting Hard Rock Café  teddy bears since 1991. We have a crazy fun collection of the teddies from about 80 destinations around the globe (some from same places as they used to make theme bears for occations). Goal? All hotels, casino hotels, all cafés. So, if anything HRC comes along while planning, that will definitely make a difference in our schedule!

4. American Casino Guide

We don’t remember how we first spotted this publication. We’ve ordered it every year since. Thanks for who ever publishes it! The 2017 edition arrived yesterday. Each US state covered: the casinos, their amenities (dining, hotel..), game selection, about distances to nearest bigger city and super coupons. This very publication has inspired us to tour most US states. We just love casino hotels.

5. Other Travellers

Never underestimate the people around you. They may give a lot of good ideas. Ask your relatives, family, co-workers, customers. Read blogs and social media. We first got into the Singapore mood with a conversation with a patron.

Well, but..  it’s never that easy. A lot depends on prices and….

When to go?

Before any planning we do have some schedule issues to deal with: How do we choose when to travel? Well, first we need to be able to ensure we can take time of at a planned time. As entrepreneurs we do have a certain freedom to decide when to go, but again certain annual events each season do set some frames. In addition, we need to be able to communicate with our co-entrepreneurs to make sure we all have a say on when we take time off. But we might get back to that later. In Finland we have this unbelievable number of days off annually for anyone working and these days, having run the business and being able to train super management, we as entrepreneurs can enjoy part of that, too.

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