10 Random Facts About Us

At times you see different blogging challenges. This week we ran into to Finnish travel blogs with posts on random facts about the blogger. So, thanks for the inspiration The Present is Perfect  and Hätälasku  – our’s is a combo of 10 random facts. If you have similar posts, comment on the comment field. It would be fun to read your revelations.

Fact #1

We are not really fond of winter. Living in a country with four seasons, one of them being winter, we obviously should as Finns appreciate it more as a special, natural wonder. Unfortunately we just don’t. We know the saying something like “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only lousy choices for clothing” is every bit true. But still, we like walking out of door in shorts and t-shirts more than layering clothes to face the winter days.


Fact #2

Theme parks, amusement parks and themed destinations rock! We do go to all the rides, but also like to wonder the masterpieces created there. The imagination, the vision and craftsmanship it takes to put this stuff up – oh boy. Universal Studios, Disney branded parks, Six Flags, small themed cities in the old West. You name it, we are more than happy to dive in.

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Fact #3

We love auctions, antique stores and thrift stores, swap shops. We have made some awesome and absurd discoveries through the years. Antiques, rarities, oddities and plain fun finds. Where ever we go to, we will try to find something related to visit. However, these events and places are fun experiencing even if you are not buying anything.




Fact #4

Mostly we spend 24/7 together and it’s fun. As a couple we enjoy each others company every day, we share the personal & professional life with ease. As entrepreneurs we don’t close the door behind when leaving the actual office or enter some plain, boring everyday when returning from abroad. This is our 24/7 life that works for us, perfectly. We brainstorm, plan, discuss, research, innovate, analyze, schedule both personal and business stuff where ever we are.


Fact #5

Both of us have 2% Native American DNA. We did the tests a couple of years ago with the National Geographic Geno DNA Ancestry Kit. We don’t know how other similar products provide results but this one takes you on a journey through time to your own ancestry. Someday we may have more time to find out the more detailed origins of DNA, crumbles that can be traced to the Mediterranean and different areas in Asia.


Fact #6

We love spicy food. If we can choose spicy options, we are likely to choose very spicy. At home we make sure we never run out of ingredients and spices like fresh and dried chilies, jalapeños, peppers, fresh and dried ginger, Madras curry powder, jeera, cinnamon, garlic.


Fact #7

Our Bengal Cats are treated like royalty in our household. They get to use all the vertical and horizontal space, eat raw meat, go on walks on leash 2-3 times every day, hang around in their own catio. Oh, those happy creatures. But well, we haven’t had to take them to the vet more than to get the vaccinations. Wanna know more about this awesome, active, smart breed? Go to The International Cat Association TICA


Fact #8

We are not frequent Sauna users. According to International Sauna Association there are at least 1,6 million Saunas in Finland these days and those who have a sauna at home are likely to spend time enjoying it weekly. We like the sauna when we have a good moment for it, but both of us get sleepy after it and our schedules daily are not ideal for enjoying those hot steams. We go to work in the morning and again early evening so shower will mostly have to do the trick.

Fact #9

Online stores have a friend in us. We order a lot of actually useful stuff, to home and work as well. Books, maps, guides. But being curious people we like to test the weirdest gadgets and equipment, kitchen utensils and such. A lot of them work, as many really don’t. But hey, you never know if you don’t try.


Fact #10

Sunday evenings we like to sit by the kitchen table, reading magazines, planning the weeks ahead, talking about the world, discussing & scheduling our trips. Kitchen table talks are just the best.


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