What’s Up, Southfork Ranch?

Finland has been called the most American country after America. Dallas, the tv-series, was extremely popular in Finland and the dysfunctional family of the Ewings was truly loved. Everybody knew the name of the ranch, Southfork and the company name, Ewing Oil. Everyone secretly liked the narsistic stars. Through the years a lot of Finns … More What’s Up, Southfork Ranch?

Heritage found: Minnesota & St.Urho

Many know that St. Patrick chased the snakes from Ireland. But did you know, that St. Urho got rid of the grasshoppers that ruined the grape crops in the ancient Finland? (Yeah, grapes..). St. Urho is celebrated in the Finnish communities of US on March 16., a day before “the whateveririshsaint”. When we toured Minnesota, … More Heritage found: Minnesota & St.Urho

On the Footsteps of: Jim Thompson

Our world is filled with stories of real and fictional, secretive, curious characters. The real life James Bond, James H.W. Thompson aka Jim Thompson worked for the US intelligence and then, as he fell in love with Asian cultures, settled in Bangkok after the active service. He collected art, built a fantastic, traditional residence and … More On the Footsteps of: Jim Thompson