Porky’s Bayside, Marathon Island

Drive through the Florida Keys offers breathtaking views, beaches, small towns. If you are not in a hurry, make some stops along the way. Like the awarded Bahia Honda State Park of Bahia Honda Key at the Mile Marker 37.

At Mile Marker 47,5, take a lunch or just stop for some refreshments. So have endless visitors done since the 1950’s. Ernest Hemingway, Elizabeth Taylor and Jimmy Hoffa. This place is likely to get you into the Keys mood.

Porky’s Bayside Restaurant and Marina is an unpretentious, laid back place, filled with sailing and boating accessories, seaside & beach themed kitsch, tiki details, license plates, flags and signed dollar bills.

Enjoy the marina views and see boats come and go. Watch the pelicans, but don’t feed them. Like any wildlife, let them stay wild.

It’s been some years since we drove through the Keys and we don’t have photos of the food we had, but we remember the conch fritters were definitely part of the experience. Our first ones ever.

Porky’s is open from early morning and serves breakfast, lunch & dinner. We assume night times here are fun as well, the drink menu looks like a good party!

This post is part of our #24IslandsOfChristmas IG challenge.

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