On the Footsteps of: Jim Thompson

Our world is filled with stories of real and fictional, secretive, curious characters. The real life James Bond, James H.W. Thompson aka Jim Thompson worked for the US intelligence and then, as he fell in love with Asian cultures, settled in Bangkok after the active service. He collected art, built a fantastic, traditional residence and rebuilt the Thai silk industry. And then.. he just dissappeared.

We stayed at the Mercure Bangkok, a superb hotel with a huge suite and sunset cocktails, a beautiful pool and a perfect location. And what we saw from our window: Jim Thompson House literally at our backyard! Like a destiny!

The visit to Jim Thompson House was enchanting. You can actually feel his existince there. In the cool, shady rooms of those classical Thai houses. In the lush, tropical garden. His spirit echoes everywhere, the humble pride of being able to save priceless artifacts from remote areas and the success of making Thai silk known and craved all around the globe.

What did he actually do aside? Whom did he annoy? Did he die or just dissappear in purpose?

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